The Ups and Downs of GF Living

As I sit at my neighborhood Starbucks, I think about all the delicious, gluten-free snacks I passed on while ordering my standard venti black iced tea no sweetner. The last ten days of gluten free living have been a rollercoaster ride of emotions, food choices, and hunger levels. And right now, I am starving.

Here is a breakdown of hits and misses from the past ten days:

  1. Starting this radical diet the day before the Super Bowl did not make this any easier. However, I went to the party toting my own snacks. I brought a colorful veggithin mintse tray, chunky avocado salsa, gluten free corn chips and wine of course. I felt relatively happy. Although, the cream cheese dip was hard to pass up.
  2. The following few days were decent. I learned to like gluten free toast. I also learned to bring lots of snacks to work. I am hungry much more often. Hummus, carrots and baby cherry tomatoes are the perfect midmorning snack. Cripsy snap peas and popcorn make great afternoon snacks!
  3. Then the end of the week stress finally hit and I was in a majorly bad mood. I craved pizza and Mexican food and the spread of homemade treats in the lunchroom did not help. But I kept focused and resisted the urge to cave. I also shoved more carrots down my throat.
  4. My mother and I hosted a Valentine’s Day brunch for some friends on Saturday. We made lovely little finger sandwiches on lots and lots of bread.  Pita bread, sourdough bread, whole wheat bread and French baguettes to be exact. Again, I schlepped my gluten free bread and my mom made a few special sandwiches for me. I also made gluten free brownies! Excellent alterative!
  5. Last night, I made steamed broccoli and cauliflower. Normally, this does not excite me. Although, the ingredients came from a real garden. They were absolutely fabulous. I want to start a garden now. Not going to happen though. No time to care for growing things. I can barely care of Tyler and myself.
  6. Then today, I received my delivery of Girl Scout cookies. I immediately googled, “Are Girl Scout cookies gluten free?” Answer, “No.” I thought, “This sucks!” Apparently, Girl Scouts of America added two gluten free options. But who wants to eat that crap when Thin Mints are available?

califlowerSo, I have 18 days left and my pants are fitting much better. And my stomach is not pissed off when I eat Café Rio. I want to cave every time I see a delicious treat but I remember I can do this. And then instantly count down the days left in this challenge.


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